Cranfield University are leading the international 2022 “Constructing a Digital Environment” conference, taking place from 11-12 July in the University of Birmingham. The conference brings together the NERC research community in highlighting the increasing role of digital technologies in environmental research. The event will spotlight outcomes from Digital Environment Demonstrators, exploring methods and tools for assessing, analysing, monitoring and forecasting the state of the natural environment at higher spatial and temporal resolutions than previously possible, as well as the activities of the NERC Digital Environment Expert Network.

The conference seeks to spark new collaborations, new ideas and innovative approaches in utilising technology and digital resources in environmental research, spotlighting activities, interlinking technologies and advances in environmental understanding across the following themes: Analytical tools & data management for environmental science; Data digitisation, rescue, & re-purposing for environmental decision making; Sensing the Environment; and Law and Ethics in the Digital Environment.

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University of Birmingham 

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Environmental researchers, Data scientists



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Please register for the event here.