Thursday 11 February 2021



Title: Hydrogen in aviation is becoming a reality

The future of hydrogen-fuelled aviation is closer than you might think, and Sergey Kiselev from ZeroAvia, leading innovator in decarbonising commercial aviation, will talk about it. ZeroAvia aims to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable aviation, and is focused on enabling zero emission 500-mile short haul trips by using existing propeller aircraft whose conventional engines would be replaced by ZeroAvia’s zero emission aviation powertrains. Discussion will cover some of the technical and commercial aspects of hydrogen powered aviation.

Sergey Kiselev is Head of Europe at ZeroAvia and based out of the company’s facility at Cranfield, UK.

Prior to joining ZeroAvia, Sergey led e-mobility in Europe for Enel X, the Enel Group’s advanced energy business line. A decade leading into this, Sergey worked at McKinsey & Company focusing on energy, sustainability and public sector work in former CIS countries. He began his career in high tech industry with Hitachi in Silicon Valley, developing novel information storage. Sergey got his PhD in experimental low temperature physics at Cornell University in the United States.

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