Performance measurement and management has a long history in both the academic and practitioner literatures, but in this conference, we will be focusing on the use and issues with performance measurement and management in dynamic environments. Dynamic environments create particular issues around speed of response, flexibility and data management. There are also the thorny problems of control, use of information and delegation, which are usually exacerbated in dynamic environments. Organisations that can’t keep pace with change will suffer and ultimately not survive. So the performance measurement and management issues are at the heart of management in our fast changing world.

We are a multi-disciplinary conference, at the intersection of strategy execution, operations, management accounting and control and HR practices. Furthermore, we are interested in the application of our work, so fascinated by developments in practice and the practical implications of academic research.

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Location and travel details

The event will be completely virtual and take place in a dedicated virtual attendee hub to create an interactive conference experience. Find out more at

Who should attend

The conference will appeal to those interested in strategy execution, operations, management accounting and control and HR practices.


£165 before 23 May, £220 before 6 June, £270 from 7 June onwards.

How to register

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