Our exciting week of virtual sessions brought together businesses and potential applicants for degree apprenticeships to network, learn about upcoming opportunities and meet the companies who are looking to recruit.

This time our MK:U Apprenticeship Week included a mix of live talks, panels, employer presentations and speed meetings, looking to explore why apprenticeships are valuable, especially for those in digital, data and management fields.

We have also introduced those who attended to our first four Level 6 Degree Apprenticeship courses launching this September!

  • Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship
  • Data Scientist Degree Apprenticeship
  • Digital Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship
  • Cyber Security Technical Professional Degree Apprenticeship

(all successful apprentices will achieve a BSc award)

Registrations for all events are now closed but you can view the programme details and watch recordings below.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about live recruitment opportunities with those companies.


Monday 7 June

The Benefits of Apprenticeships

This talk is for those who are keen to find out more about Apprenticeships; what they are, how they work and why you should consider one. During this session we heard from Head of Apprenticeships at MK:U, as well as from a recent Apprentice about their experience and from a senior business leader who talked about how companied view Apprenticeships including key statistics and success stories.

Stay Safe Online (Cyber Security Talk)

As we become increasingly dependent upon technology and AI, we need to develop better security behaviours. Learn how to be Cyber-Smart and avoid online threats from Elizabeth Sheldon - Chairman of Evidence Talks, a Digital Forensic Technology and service company. She is also the Honorary Vice President of Security for ADS.

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Tuesday 8 June

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Learn more about what it means to be an entrepreneur from Dr Stephanie Hussles - Director of Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship at Cranfield. If you would like to know what is entrepreneurship, why is it important and some hot tips on what to look out for when engaging in entrepreneurial activities, watch below. 

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Wednesday 9 June

Women in STEM

Here's your chance to learn more about women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This panel discussion was hosted by Lakechia from Girls in Science. Lakechia spoke to women leading the way in STEM careers to find out more about their experiences and their top tips for those considering a career in a technology subject. Women were able to share their ideas and tips regarding a broad range of exciting careers in STEM. We hope to inspire girls to explore all available options and reach their full potential. Watch now to receive this unique insight into the world of women in STEM!

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Thursday 10 June

Milton Keynes: A Smart City

From delivery robots to 5G, we’ve got it all! Find out more about Milton Keynes - a city with the fastest-growing UK population and economy, located at the heart of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc known for its world-class achievements in areas of innovation, technology and research. Would you like to learn more about the cutting-edge projects that make Milton Keynes a Smart City and why it is the perfect home for MK:U? Watch here!

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Friday 11 June

Futureproof your career

Make sure that you are in demand, hear more about the skills that industry is looking for and employment trends in the region. With the expansion of the STEM sector set to nearly double over the next 10 years, regional efforts to attract a pipeline of new talent has never been more vital. If you would like to hear more from our panel of speakers and learn from the regional experts on this topic, this video is for you.

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