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Graphene commercialisation: from prototypes to products is an international graphene conference and product showcase event hosted by Cranfield University.

Graphene belongs to the group of new advanced 2-dimensional materials with the potential to truly revolutionise modern products. First isolation and demonstration of the remarkable properties of graphene began in the United Kingdom in 2004. Significant global effort has been devoted to research, and unprecedented levels of funding have been dedicated to different stages of development, from very basic scientific understanding through to proof-of-concept products. Work is underway to define standards and procedures which will facilitate deployment of graphene in its various forms into applications with major impact on our daily lives. Graphene retains the promise of transforming human civilisation more than any other material this century. But how are we tackling the challenge of transforming promise into reality?

With invited representatives from the commercial world and research institutions we will be looking at possible answers to this question. They will present on the current state of graphene progress, especially those at an advanced level of commercial development, with prototypes tested and products nearly or already available on the market.

This conference will take place online. 

Networking sessions

We will be offering three breakout networking sessions at 12 noon for around 30 minutes focusing on the below topics:

1. Graphene for superior engineering safety – discussion around the use of graphene in fire protection, corrosion protection, critical structural sensing, gas sensing and other engineering safety applications,
2. Graphene in healthcare – discussion around the use of graphene in medical devices, health monitoring, wearables, COVID-19 face masks and other healthcare applications,
3. Graphene supporting the climate challenge – reduction of weight, fuel savings, energy savings, hydrogen storage and enabling any other opportunities in sustainable activities.

Please select your preferred choice for the breakout networking session when completing your registration. If you have any questions about these sessions please get in touch.

Keynote speakers

Professor Antonio H. Castro Neto - Distinguished Professor, Director, Centre for Advanced 2D Materials (CA2DM), National University of Singapore (NUS)

Professor Dusan Losic - Professor and Director of ARC Graphene Research Hub, University of Adelaide, Australia

James Baker, CEO, Graphene@Manchester, University of Manchester


Andrew Pollard - Science Area Leader, National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

Bernhard Münzing, Sales Director, The Sixth Element

Elías Torres, Head of Foundry, Graphenea Semiconductor

Ellie Galanis and Hugh Glass, Product Owner and Technology Owner for the Graphene Hall Sensor, Paragraf Ltd.

Dr Katerina Busuttil, Senior Standards Manager, BSI

Dr Marek Burda, Scientific and Operations Director, Ampashield

Neville Slack, Business Development Manager - Formulation, Centre for Process Innovation

Dr Noelia Rubio Carrero, Research Associate, Imperial College London

Dr Stephen Devine, Chief Technology Officer, Graphene Composites Ltd.

Dr Stephen Hodge, Chief Technical Officer, Versarien PLC

Event programme

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Who should attend

Spin outs, start-ups, SMEs, large commercial companies, policymakers, investors and members of the public interested to know more about graphene-based products.


Free to join.

How to register

Registration for this event has now closed. Please contact to receive the recording of the conference after the event or with any queries.