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We develop the technology behind autonomous vehicles which operate in the air, on land, at sea and in space. We have additional expertise in the field of vibro-acoustics, focusing on non-destructive testing of machinery, components and structures. 

Our reputation for leading in the field of autonomous and space systems, vibro-acoustics and signal processing has been established through more than thirty years of research into this field. We cover all types of autonomous vehicles including airborne, ground and marine as well as space.

Recent research includes the airborne monitoring of ground traffic behaviour for hidden threats by autonomous sensor platforms, developing an analytical framework for understanding the behaviours of multiple unmanned aerial aircraft and creating collision avoidance and path-planning algorithms for Unmanned Surface Vessels operating out of human eye sight.

The Space Research Centre is currently developing a De-Orbit Mechanism to enable satellites to be brought out of orbit at the end of their mission with no significant re-engineering.

We work in partnership with industrial clients and research organisations to provide high quality training, research, development and consultancy to meet the challenges of these competitive markets. We have an outstanding international reputation for the quality of our work and our capability of performing both theoretical and experimental studies.

Our work covers academic provision (MSc and PhD) and research. Research works span from fundamental research and development to single client contract research and development.