How to ready your business to succeed in the new world post Covid-19 - BGP Response Programme Webinar

This webinar will benefit business owners by guiding them through the "6R" process:

  • Reflect - Reflecting on what is important to you as a business owner.
  • Review – Take stock of the world around you. What’s changed? What does it mean for your business? How might you need to adapt?
  • Refresh - Energising your business model and approach. Listen, learn, and reposition around new opportunities
  • Revive – Give new energy and strength to the business. Identify the skills you will need, set out a clear proposition and point of difference. Be clear about what will make you different and make you better as you come out of this
  • Recover – Re-energising your business around your new strategy and actions plans.

Becky Upton is the Owner of Business Doctors, she delivers hands on support to help SME business owners achieve success and fulfil their goals. Becky completed her Exec MBA at Cranfield University in 2013.