This interactive webinar with live connections to multiple locations, including the Climeon test facility in Sweden, will be streamed live from Cranfield university’s recording studio - the Grenville Turner Live Online Teaching Suite. This webinar will look at how waste heat and geofluids heat can help decarbonising in the oil and gas industry.

Laure Mora of Climeon will be speaking about their technology with support and a video tour of the equipment by the Climeon Sweden team.

This free to join event is run jointly by the IMechE Oil, Gas and Chemicals Committee and IMechE Bedfordshire Committee.


  • Climeon’s story
  • What is an Organic Rankine Cycle?
  • What are the unique technology innovations in the Climeon Heat Power Module?
  • Downstream applications: industrial waste heat recovery
  • Upstream applications: repurposing your ageing assets
  • Live interaction with the Climeon team in their test facility and equipment tour

Details for how to join will be published closer to the event date.


Laure Mora is the Head of Sales for Climeon AB in Scotland. She specialises in waste heat recovery, low enthalpy geothermal and oil and gas sustainable applications.

Laure started in the oil and gas industry and spent 15 years working on oil rigs all around the world, first as a wireline field engineer with Schlumberger and then as a drilling engineer and drilling supervisor with Shell in the North Sea.

She holds a Master of Electrical Engineering degree from Kansas State University.

She recently transitioned her career from oil and gas to renewable energies and joined Climeon, a Swedish technology company specialising in heat power modules, i.e. power plants using industrial waste heat or geofluids heat.

Her passion is to build bridges between the oil and gas world and the geothermal world as both can benefit from each other greatly in these energy landscape changing times.

About Climeon

Who is Climeon? Listen to Sir Richard Branson explain.

Climeon is a clean-tech vendor, providing a technology that uses the energy in waste heat from industries and low-temperature geothermal heat to generate electricity. The company received its first order in 2015 and has since then established a global customer base within maritime and industrial waste heat recovery and geothermal heat power. The product is protected by patents and offers market-leading performance within its areas of application.

Waste heat and geothermal energy (below 120°C) jointly comprise a vast energy source that is largely untapped today due to limitations of existing technologies. Climeon's product is one of the first waste heat recovery systems which can utilise this previously unexploited source of energy to efficiently produce electricity.

Who should attend

Engineering professionals, staff and students.


Free to join.

How to register

To register for this free webinar please visit the IMechE website.