Data is a potentially valuable resource but how can it best be used to support farm businesses?

This webinar will examine how farmers can benefit from converting complex data into simple tools for effective decision-making. It will focus on the use of precision farming techniques and the development of the Soil Management Information System (SMIS), designed to aid sustainable soil and crop production.

Using ‘big data’ to unearth sustainable soil and crop production: the development of the Soil Management Information System (SMIS)

Professor Jane Rickson, Professor of Soil Erosion and Conservation, Cranfield Soil and Agrifood Institute

Are we on the verge of the 4th revolution in agriculture? Jane explores the implications of ‘big data’ for future farming and land based industries and the push and pull factors that drive the development of big data and smart farming.

The role of digital data in land use and precision agriculture

Dr Toby Waine, Senior Lecturer in Applied Remote Sensing, Centre for Environment and Agricultural Informatics

We’ll explore how technology is revolutionising agricultural engineering with a particular focus on remote sensing from space and drones. We will see how digital agriculture and smart sensing support operational methods for crop monitoring, helping to optimise growers’ decisions across the globe.

This webinar is run in partnership with the Croptec Show.

Who should attend

Farmers, and anyone interested in sustainable agriculture.


Free to join.

How to register

To register for this webinar please visit the Croptec Show website.