Our annual conference of the UK Wastewater Network will take place online on the 4th November 2021


This conference is the ninth of an annual series addressing innovative treatment options for wastewater treatment. This online event is an excellent opportunity for attendees to get the latest challenges and innovations for wastewater treatment at current and longer term, and interact on the topic with scientists and researchers from wastewater companies and leading global academic institutions.

The conference will have a great mixture of international speakers, both academics and industry leaders, discussing challenges and innovations for wastewater treatment on current and longer term scenarios. 

For the first time, the conference will also host a virtual poster exhibition. We therefore invite the participants to submit a digital poster on their work and most recent research advances in wastewater treatment. With the conference taking place online, the poster presenters will be required to submit their digital poster as a three-minute recorded presentation. A jury, composed of water professional and researchers will vote for the best digital poster presentation, with a best digital poster presentation prize being awarded during the conference. For further information on poster presentations, you can access our guidelines along with a PowerPoint template. If you have any additional questions, contact Kristell Le Corre Pidou.

Event Programme

09.30-10.00 Online registration and virtual coffee
10.00-10.10 Welcome and introduction to the conference Professor Bruce Jefferson, Cranfield Water Science Institute, UK
10.10-10.30 Novel process for converting biogas into hydrogen using biosolids derived biochar. A/Prof Kalpit SHAH, Deputy Director at ARC Training Centre for the Transformation of Australia's Biosolids Resource, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia.
10.30-10.50 A route to low carbon, energy positive sewage treatment. Peter VALE, Carbon & Circular Economy Architect, Severn Trent Water, UK.
10.50-10.55 Transition break - 5 minutes
10.55-11.15 Global evidence on the use of surface flow treatment wetlands as a nature-based solution for phosphorus removal? Dr Tao LYU, Lecturer in Green Technologies, Cranfield University, UK.
11.15-11.35 Resource recovery from wastewater: the little and large (and in between). Dr Peter CRUDDAS, Senior Lecturer in Water and Environmental Engineering, University of Portsmouth, UK.
11.35-11.50 Virtual coffee break - 15 minutes
11.50-12.10 Stakeholder engagement for the diffusion of circular water solutions. Jos FRIJNS, Resilience Management & Governance team leader at KWR.
12.10-12.30 Cold anaerobic wastewater treatment for sewage - AMBI- ROBIC from lab to full-scale a microbial and technical advancement. B. Conall HOLOHAN, Senior Technologist, NPV Energy, UK.
12.30-12.40 Poster Award presentation.
12.40-12.45 Concluding remarks and Conference close Prof Bruce JEFFERSON, Cranfield Water Science Institute, UK.

Who should attend

Water company employees, those working in environmental protection, those working on wastewater treatment innovations, Regulators, Academic and industry researchers working in wastewater or biosolids treatment, and those working in supply chain companies.


Full fees: £50 Student fees: £30 Alumni discount: 10% off the standard fee.

How to register

To register please complete our registration form and make the relevant payment.