Sustainability practitioners, managers and directors face the challenge of helping contribute to sustainable economic growth, whilst maintaining or increasing their organisation’s competitive edge.

Sustainable development which meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations has been translated into specific goals at international and national levels such as the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement, the Climate Change Act, the phasing out of petrol cars and single use plastics, and waste reduction targets. Government and organisational actions are reflecting the scientific evidence together with responses to consumer awareness and the actions of pressure groups.  

So how can organisations respond effectively to these challenges?

Cranfield University has worked with edie to develop the Sustainability Leadership Programme. The vision is to ensure sustainability professionals are equipped with both the managerial and technical skills and knowledge to make their voices heard at board level, so that sustainability considerations are embedded into day to day decisions and business strategies.

The programme brings together Cranfield’s world leading research and teaching to provide an integrated experience which will enable you to embed sustainability strategies and practices within your organisation.