This module can only be taken as part of the Systems Engineering MSc

Software plays a crucial role in both systems development processes and systems functionality in complex systems development. This makes it important for systems engineers to have understanding of software engineering and the issues surrounding cyber threats and cyber management systems. This module provides students with an understanding of software engineering and cyber systems by covering central principles, methods and tools in the context of systems engineering.

At a glance

  • Dates
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  • Duration5 days
  • LocationCranfield campus
  • Cost£920 - Accredited Short Course fee

What you will learn

On successful completion of the course you will be able to:


  • Assess the role of software engineering and software development methodologies in developing and maintaining complex systems,
  • Create software system architectures, models and requirements for a software intensive system,
  • Analyse cyber threats and cyber management requirements for developing and maintaining software intensive systems,
  • Evaluate various approaches and methods for software integration and testing.

Core content

Unit 1: Software Engineering and Systems Engineering

• Processes and lifecycle models,
• Software development methodologies,
• Types of software systems,
• Software system requirements.

Unit 2: Software Architectures and Models

• Component-based software engineering,
• Distributed software engineering,
• Real-time software engineering,
• Service-oriented software engineering.

Unit 3: Cyber Systems and Security  

• Cyber vulnerabilities and threats,  
• Cyber management systems,
• Security and Safety,
• Policies and processes,
• Developing architecture and requirements workshop 1.

Unit 4: Integration and Testing

• Software system integration,
• Verification and validation,
• In-service and disposal,
• Software process improvement,
• Developing integration and test plans workshop 2.

Location and travel

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