This module can only be taken as part of the Archaeomaterials MSc

The research project module is the culmination of the MSc. in Archaeomaterials. You will undertake a thesis on an archaeomaterials topics, conducting cutting-edge research in our recently renovated laboratory facilities. You will develop your experience with the full process of research, including project design, data collection and analysis, and manuscript preparation.

You will be asked to prepare your research in the form of a scientific research paper suitable for submission to academic journal. You will be asked to specify the journal, draft the article in accordance with the author guidelines for that journal, prepare a cover letter, and if appropriate, supplementary information files. Given the importance of early experience in publication for career trajectories, and the prevalence of journal articles over longer-form monographs as the primary mode of publication in archaeomaterials research, this format is designed to both teach you how to produce publishable material in general, and to set you up to produce a first publication soon after completing the degree, aiding them in their onward career trajectory.

While there are no hard word limits, the most appropriate journals, such as the Journal of Archaeological Science, or Archaeometry take articles in the 5000-7000 word range, exclusive of bibliography, supplementary information files, etc. The relevant journal will be selected in consultation with the project supervisor.

Emphasis here is on quality of work over quantity; you will be assessed by how closely they come to producing a piece of work that is ready for submission to a journal. As this assignment differs from many typical thesis formats, you will be briefed on best practices for article manuscript writing.

At a glance

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  • LocationCranfield campus

Course structure

Individualised Supervision and Laboratory Practical Experience

What you will learn

On successful completion of this module a student should be able to:

  • Design and implement an innovative but achievable short research project addressing a well-defined question.
  • Collect data using the laboratory instrumentation associated with their proposed research.
  • Analyse, synthesize, and discuss data derived from that instrumentation.
  • Prepare an article manuscript suitable for submission to an peer-reviewed archaeological science journal.

Core content

Project content is not predefined; as this is an individualized research project, the topic and content will vary between students.

The module will include a general lecture on article publishing to clarify what is expected and guide them through the process of preparing a manuscript, as this differs in important ways from most coursework papers.

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