This module can only be taken as part of the Vehicle and Weapon Engineering MSc (USA).

Project: The overall aim of the project is to enable an individual student to develop, by first-hand experience, his expertise in engineering research, design or development in the field of military vehicle technology

Design Study: The aim of the Design Study is to give the students first-hand experience of the whole design process, as applied to a weapon or Vehicle system.

At a glance

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  • Duration5 days
  • LocationExternal

What you will learn

The successful student will be able to undertake, appraise and report on an individual piece of work in research, design or development in the field of fighting vehicle or weapon technology.

Core content

Project specifications are issued to the students at the beginning of the course. The topics offered reflect the research interests of the School staff, current topics of live interest in the school, industry, sponsor and the known background of the students. The project may require the student to carry out a discrete piece of research, possibly as part of a larger school research programme, or could involve the design or development of engineering hardware and/or software. 

There is no specific requirement for originality, although research oriented projects often result in original contributions to knowledge. Students, or their sponsors, are encouraged to propose their own projects, subject to the availability of the necessary resources and approval by the examination board regarding academic suitability.

Design Study: The subject is selected by the Course Director after consultation with the sponsors, academic and military staff. It is chosen to provide a taxing but constructive subject on which the students may exercise and improve their abilities in gun or vehicle system design. The statement of requirements is prepared jointly by the academic and or sponsor after discussion with the respective users and research establishments. This is presented to the students, supported by a formal briefing, followed by a discussion period.

The individual project/Design Study carries 40% of the overall mark. It is monitored throughout the year by a Supervisor(s) and written up into a report which is assessed jointly by the supervisor(s), internal assessor and optionally an external examiner. Students are responsible for arranging typing and binding of their own project work. Completed projects must be handed in as instructed by the Course Director

Location and travel

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