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Megaprojects are large, complex projects that typically have a value of above $1Bn. Once considered rarities, megaprojects are not only large, but growing constantly larger and are being constructed in ever greater numbers. From high-speed rail to modern major defence projects, or from staging the Olympics to implementing national 5G communications networks, megaprojects affect our normal everyday lives and can impact millions of people.

What sets megaproject systems apart from more traditional system is not just their size but their complexity and scope – megaprojects often straddle public and private sector boundaries and are intrinsically linked to the general public. This means that technological, political, economic and societal aspects all coalesce and play an important role - both overtly and covertly – to system success.

This module explores the realm of megaproject systems and expands the traditional systems engineering approaches, thinking and methods to identify and address the complexity and closer integration of hard engineering, design, management and social sciences within a single entity.

At a glance

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  • Duration5 days
  • LocationCranfield campus

What you will learn

On successful completion of the course you will be able to:


  • Extend established systems engineering approaches to the megaproject domain.
  • Assemble and integrate appropriate methods and tools to account for socio-economic and political influences within the megaproject systems life-cycle.
  • Formulate and defend a megaproject-level systems engineering management plan.
  • Identify, evaluate and mitigate system evolution and dynamically generated risks
  • Translate, summarise and communicate critical systems engineering elements of megaproject management to non-systems engineers to maximise project success

Core content

Unit 1 – The Megaproject Engineering Mindset

  • What are Megaprojects?
  • The Megaproject Paradox
  • System of Systems Engineering for Megaprojects
  • Systems Thinking in a Megaproject Context


    Unit 2 – Planning and Delivery

  • Megaproject Design
  • Megaproject Lifecycles
  • Systems Integration at the Megaproject Level
  • Megaprojects and Risk
  • Benefits Management in Complex Environments

    Unit 3 – Towards the Boundary and Beyond: Context

  • Behavioural Economics
  • The Political Dimension – Drivers, Blockers and Influencers
  • Macroeconomics
  • Risk Redux

    Unit 4 – Accounting for Change

  • System Evolution Dynamics
  • The System Evolution, Project Control and Agile Approaches Trade-off
  • Culture, Competition and Geopolitics
  • Ethical Aspects of Megaprojects
  • Teraprojects

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