As we are tested by unforeseen risks including, challenging weather phenomena, virus variants and crowd behaviours our vision of space, time, movement, and perception are all changing or in flux. This course focuses on how to mitigate changing risks in the crowded space environment by the reimagination of our boundaries and envelopes.

Through this course you will receive tools which will help you to prepare for the changing context and environment and support testing and readiness opportunities for safe crowded space delivery.

The course focuses on the integration of safety, security and service to ensure competence and quality are at the centre of your workforce.

At a glance

  • Duration5-6 hours
  • LocationOnline
  • Cost£250

Course structure

This course will be delivered online and will take place from 14:00 to 19:00. There will be opportunities for in-depth discussion and interaction with speakers.

What you will learn

You will learn that we have choices in risk mitigation when managing crowds and doing what we have always done is no defence in a crisis. Looking dynamically at the different aspects of the crowded space and providing an interdisciplinary approach is important as it can give us alternatives in a changing environment.

Core content

The course will cover:

  • The importance of time
  • A reassessment of movement
  • Managing space in new ways
  • Planning for crowded space
  • Interdisciplinary ideas on perception in crowds
  • Understanding dynamic mitigation of risk

Each section will be supported by some of the following, Workshopping, panels, cameos, guest speakers, research inputs, scenarios, case studies, discussion sessions and practice

Who should attend

This course is for:
educators, emergency managers, security directors, event managers, event staff, guest services, blue light services, producers, venue managers, event promoters, production staff, health and safety managers, local authorities and anyone else involved in the safety and management of crowded spaces.


This course will be delivered in partnership with Mind Over Matter Consultancy LTD and Cranfield Defence and Security Services Ltd.


Professor Chris Kemp

Professor Chris Kemp a former rock promotor, venue manager and university Pro Vice Chancellor and was the founder, CEO and owner of Mind over Matter Consultancy. He is known throughout the world for his knowledge on crowded space and the development of risk analysis processes for venues, events, transport hubs and other crowded spaces globally. 

MOM has many key partnerships and clients including Cranfield University, Edinburgh Napier University where he is Professor of Crowd Management, Roskilde Festival in Denmark, Wembley Stadium, iSSUE in Switzerland, Yourope, the IIFX in the USA and DCM in Australia.

There will be a range of guests on the course and these will be drawn from those representing the most current knowledge of emerging risks at the time of delivery.

How to apply

To apply for this course please use the online application form.

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