An introduction to the culture of Arab and Middle East society, behaviour and social communication for business purposes.

At a glance

  • Dates
    • 08 Sep 2021
    • 10 Nov 2021
  • Duration3 hours
  • LocationOnline
  • Cost£250 - Short Course Fee

Course structure

This course will be delivered online and will take place from 10:00 to 13:30 GMT. There will be opportunities for in-depth discussion and interaction with speakers.

What you will learn

This short course covers the key elements required to develop effective business engagement and maximise successful outcomes in the Gulf region.

Core content

  • Culture Overview.
  • Similarities of Culture.

  • Arab Culture Introduction.

  • Key Elements of Arab Culture and how they inform business etiquette including:
  • Language and communication,
  • Behaviour, tradition, and hospitality,
  • The importance of religion.
  • How to develop and maintain strong relationships based on trust mutual respect.
  • Understanding client needs and business negotiation.

Who should attend

Everyone who will be involved in conducting business in the region and delivering projects, both in country and directly supporting from UK.


This course will be delivered in partnership with Translucidus Beyond Language and Cranfield Defence and Security Services Ltd.


Translucidus Beyond Language partners.

Core members have many years’ experience of living in an Arab country and more specifically being embedded in an Arab community.  They have many years of direct experience of working with Arab customers and businesses and have visited numerous Arab countries on frequent occasions and are current in Arab business activities.

Specialist speakers, where applicable, are recognised subject matter experts in their field.

A really useful short course for those working in the Middle East with a lot of insightful cultural pointers grounded with real life examples, highly recommended.
Translucidus delivered a presentation from their Beyond Language cultural awareness training courses, - which was attended by a diverse spread of membership. The feedback from attendees was very positive with everyone stating that the subject is both interesting and sorely needed, and all gained something from it. This service is offered as formal standard and bespoke training for businesses and individuals working or planning to work in the Middle East. The training enables more effective operation in the region, helps to avoid losing sales due to causing cultural offence and enhances awareness of opportunities and methods of conducting business.
I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Dar Massader (DM) team to thank you for an excellent workshop. As a DM initiative to the JV it has clearly communicated to the QINETIQ team that DM are experienced and focused on the key enablers to success. QINETIQ are so impressed that they are investigating how this form of facilitated training can fit into the future deployment preparation of their personnel.

How to apply

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