The course introduces the use of autonomous systems inspection approaches by aerial and/or ground unmanned vehicles with the use of non-destructive imaging inspection techniques (i.e. visual, IR, PA-UT, etc). Development of such techniques minimizes the time of inspection, reduce human involvement and thus operational cost, leading to automated damage assessment.

The course gives a theoretical and methodological background for implementation of autonomous systems inspection of aerospace structures. By using advanced imaging Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques you will automatically and increasingly accurately identify defects and then by applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches it would be feasible to make credible 'fly / no-fly' decisions promptly and provide maintenance services with valuable information. In other words, the development of advanced diagnostic and monitoring of aircraft structures.

At a glance

Course structure

The course duration is 4 days and it will be delivered online.

What you will learn

On successful completion, you should be able to understand the use of:
• NDT imaging approaches for damage detection.
• Autonomous and efficient path planning for optimal remote structural inspection.
• Self localization and obstacle avoidance within complex environments.
• Aerial and ground robotic manipulation for monitoring and diagnostics.
• AI to automatically and increasingly accurately identify defects.
• Maintenance planning and monitoring of structures.

Core content

Topics covered by the course include:
• Introduction to NDT imaging techniques for autonomous inspection.
• Flight Control and Obstacle Avoidance.
• Localization and Mapping.
• Damage Detection, Defect Localization, Image Processing, and NDT assessment.
• Use of AI for damage assessment and decision making.
• Maintenance and Monitoring Studies and Applications.
• Practical case study: Inspection – testing on an actual aircraft.

Who should attend

This course is the best choice for those who are involved in the design and validation of the automated and autonomous systems inspections using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and/or unmanned ground vehicles. It is also suitable for those that work in the area of maintenance and operation.


Prof Nico Avdelidis (NDT, Imaging, Robotics)
Prof Antonios Tsourdos (UAVs, Control, Localization)
Dr Ip-Shing Fan (Management of Data)
Mr Alex Williamson (Practical Demo of Inspection)


20% discount for Cranfield Alumni. 
10% discount when registering 3 or more delegates, from the same organisation at the same time.

Accommodation options and prices

This course is non-residential.

Location and travel

This course will be delivered online.

Location address

Cranfield University
College Road
MK43 0AL

How to apply

To apply for this course please use the online application form.

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