The Welding and Additive Manufacturing Centre is predominantly an applied research organisation and offers different options for industry to participate and collaborate. This spans from the sponsoring of an individual master’s thesis project to collaborating through a large rolling technology programme.

You can work with us in a number of ways:

  • Sponsoring a master's projects – generally this ranges between two to four months.

  • PhD studentship – PhD students (fully sponsored by an industry) can be an employee of the sponsoring industry, in which case he or she will be able to effectively transfer the knowledge generated. Alternatively, a PhD student can be sponsored through the Doctoral Training Centre.

  • Research fellowship – this is generally through employment of a suitable person for an industry-sponsored project. The research fellowship can be full- or part-time.

  • Participation in our rolling technology development programme on high deposition rate metal additive manufacture.

  • Supporting a project as part of the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Laser-Based Production Processes.

  • Specific research consultancy.

The Centre has many stakeholders, from UK and EU Government bodies, industrial clients and power source manufacturers to suppliers and developers of filler wires and shielding gases. We have worked with organisations including DSTL, EPSRC and Innovate UK, as well as industrial partners from various sectors.