Head of centre

Professor Leon Terry - Director of Environment and Agrifood
Zoe Payne - PA to Director of Environment & Agrifood -  z.j.payne@cranfield.ac.uk

Our people

Dr Marie-Cecile Affholder - Research Fellow - Rice Zinc Project 
Dr Maria del Carmen Alamar Gavidia - Research Fellow in Postharvest Bioscience
Dr Maria Anastasiadi - Research Fellow - Plant Biochemistry
Dr Joao Moreira Barradas - Research Fellow in Applied Agri-Informatics
Mr Tim Brewer - Senior Lecturer in Resource Survey
Mr Jason Carvalho - GIS Web Developer
Dr Emma Collings - Researcher
Dr Ronald Corstanje - Senior Lecturer in Environmental Informatics
Mrs Ceri Dawson - Senior Technical Officer
Dr Sarah De Baets - Lecturer Plant Soil Systems
Dr Lynda Deeks - Research Fellow in Soil Science
Miss Lucia Estelles-Lopez - Research Assistant
Dr Natalia Falagan Sama - Research Fellow
Dr Timothy Farewell - Senior Research Fellow
Dr Pedro Fidalgo De Almeida - Research Fellow in Plant Molecular Genetics
Miss Fiona Fraser - Research Fellow-Soil Microbiology
Dr Miguel Gabarron Galeote - KTP Associate: Soil Systems Modeller
Dr Darren Grafius - Research Fellow
Dr Stephen Hallett - Principal Research Fellow in Environmental Informatics
Dr Jacqueline Hannam - Senior Research Fellow in Pedology
Mrs Ann Holden - GIS Developer
Ms Caroline Keay - Senior Information Scientist
Dr Zoltan Kevei - Pllant Molecular Genetics Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Professor Guy Kirk - Professor of Soil Systems
Dr Sofia Kourmpetli - Lecturer in Plant Sciences
Mr Tomasz Kurowski - Research Assistant in Bioinformatics
Dr Sandra Landahl - Research Fellow
Ms Sara Larman - Business Development Administrator
Professor Naresh Magan - Professor of Applied Mycology
Dr Thomas Mayr - Principal Research Fellow – Pedometrics
Dr Angel Medina Vaya - Lecturer in Food Mycology
Dr Fady Mohareb - Lecturer in Bioinformatics
Dr Said Nawar - Research Fellow - Tru-Nject
Dr Joanna Niziolomski - Research Fellow - Sustainable Soil Management
Professor Willfred Otten - Professor of Soil Biophysics
Dr Mark Pawlett - Research Fellow in Soil Microbial Ecology
Mr Cristinel Putinica - Technician
Professor Jane Rickson - Professor of Soil Erosion and Conservation
Dr Ruben Sakrabani - Senior Lecturer in Soil Chemistry
Dr Robert Simmons - Senior Lecturer in Soil Erosion & Conservation
Mr Daniel Simms - Research Fellow in Remote Sensing & GIS
Mr Boris Snapir - Research Fellow in Remote Sensing
Professor Andrew Thompson - Professor of Molecular Plant Science
Dr Roberta Tosetti - Research Fellow
Mr Ian Truckell - Spatial Systems Analyst
Dr Toby Waine - Lecturer in Applied Remote Sensing
Mr Bob Walker - Senior Technical Officer
Dr Joanna Zawadzka - Research Assistant in Pedometrics