The Multifunctional Composites Joining, Modelling and Repair research group, led by Dr. Hamed Yazdani Nezhad, is part of the Enhanced Composites and Structures Centre at Cranfield University. Read more Read less

The research group is focused on multi-disciplinary activities mapped across different technology readiness levels (TRL1-6), multi-material and multi-scale approaches for design, manufacturing, joining and structural integrity assessment of high performance multifunctional polymer composite materials and structures. The group comprises academic and research staffs, post-docs, students, lab technicians and industrial partners.

Multifunctional Composites Joining, Modelling and Repair
Multifunctional Composites Joining Modelling and Repair

Group members

Dr Meng-Fang Lin (Research staff)
Danning Li (PhD student)
Donglan An (PhD student)
Ehsan Tanhaee (PhD student)
Luis Lopez Lazaro (MSc student)
Tadej Bregar (MSc student)
Daria Mesbah (MSc student)
Sara Hawi (MSc student)

Current projects

Clients and collaborators

UK Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council, EPSRC (UKRI)
Cametics Cambridge Advanced Metals Ltd
Munro Technology Ltd
FGV Cambridge Nanosystems Ltd
Oxford Advanced Surfaces Ltd
Through-life Engineering Services Centre
Zodiac Aerospace Ltd
University of Manchester
Wright State University

Laboratory equipment

CVD, Nanosynthesis facilities,Nano-embedded polymer and composite fabrication facilities, vacuum oven, also access to composite manufacturing laboratory and through-life engineering services centre NDI facilities, molecular dynamics simulation (LAMMPS), Abaqus, ANSYS

Funding resources

Clean Sky2 (Horizon 2020)
Industrial (Cametics, MunroTech, OAS, CNONS, etc.)


We are seeking a PhD student to join our group for an exciting numerical-experimental EPSRC funded research on advanced nanocomposites. Deadline for applications is 20 September 2018.

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