We are internationally renowned for working closely with industry. We partner with many leading businesses in this area to deliver innovative solutions to their real-life problems.

Our world-class academics have proven research records and are in constant touch with industry whether through education, delivery of short courses or providing consultancy.

Our research benefits from the strong synergy that has been developed between the science, engineering and management disciplines ensuring that concepts and solutions can be employed by modern day business.

We can take a holistic approach to business requirements, starting with conceptual ideas all the way through to deploying into service environments. We have worked with partners on feasibility, development and prototyping studies. Research contracts have ranged from a few months to several years. Our ability to understand business needs and challenges allows us to deliver research solutions which can make a real impact whether on cost, reliability, efficiency or performance.

We have experience in the use of sensor and instrumentation technology to:

  • Measure physical parameters (strain, temperature, pressure, displacement, velocity, acceleration) and chemical analytes

  • Monitor, for example non-invasive monitoring of blood glucose levels for diabetes care or CO2 and methane emitted from landfill sites

  • Processes in the manufacture of composite materials. Other examples include response of foundation piles to dynamic and static loads or the quality of stored fruit and vegetables

  • Sense, including the presence of defects in composite materials, vibrations and impacts

  • Diagnose faults in gear boxes, bearings, composite structures including aircraft and wind turbines.