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We have senior UK Ministry of Defence support and our postgraduate programmes provide systems engineering education to the whole defence community. Our aim is to deliver expertise to both the defence and non-defence communities in order to equip them to tackle today's complex systems problems.

Systems engineering (SE) covers a broad spectrum of activities, ranging from the production of a single component to the integration and management of complex ‘systems of systems’. SE for Defence (SED) embraces all these activities, which are required for the most effective and efficient delivery of defence capability. 

It demands holistic views to be taken at every stage of acquisition and other lifecycle processes and in particular a sharp focus to be applied to the iterative stages of the requirements capture process.

SED is therefore a combination of both soft and hard systems engineering. It is the application of the rigours and disciplines of each in such a way that defence capability can be delivered against constantly changing circumstances.

It must apply scientific principles and proven methods to the whole system, for its whole life, coordinating all of the processes and technologies involved to achieve balanced solutions in capability, time and cost.

The Centre for Systems Engineering is led by Professor Emma Sparks.