We create the aerospace industry’s advanced manufacturing techniques, extending the use of automation in the assembly of large structures and the optimization of safe, novel, lightweight structures. Read more Read less

In this Centre, engineers and human factors specialists collaborate to understand human/automation interaction in a number of industry sectors. These include manufacturing, aerospace and defence, and a diverse range of domains, from factory shop floors to defence systems.

We have extensive experience of developing technologies through to production implementation as well as providing blue sky thinking and innovation.

We help set how people and automation interact through our work on standards, ethics and safety in this area. Our strategic relationships with major organisations such as Airbus have developed technologies that directly impact on their manufacturing. We are part of the EPSRC Centre in Intelligent Automation, a collaboration between Loughborough and Cranfield Universities, developing next generation automation systems where we investigate Human Robot Collaboration in industrial applications.

Through our research into advanced lightweight structures we help the aerospace and automotive sectors align with national carbon reduction targets while maintaining structural security. Our MSc in Advanced Lightweight Composites and Structures provides students with the fundamentals of crashworthiness and impact. Many of our graduates secure employment or research offers before the course finishes.

We have extensive experience for remotely supervising and supporting full and part-time students embedded within partner organisations and provide professional development courses covering areas such as Systems Engineering and Driver Safety and Behaviour. Our clients include government departments, insurance and fleet management companies.