Postharvest biology and technology at Cranfield

The Plant Science Laboratory (PSL) at Cranfield University is one of the largest and best-equipped postharvest research groups worldwide. We provide mechanistic understanding and innovative technology to reduce food loss and waste.

Our group brings together an understanding of the physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology of fresh produce, and how their metabolism is affected by preharvest factors, postharvest treatments and storage conditions throughout the supply chain.

PSL works to improve food supply chains, together with our partners (overseas institutions, national governments and international agencies, and key worldwide industrial clients). In this way, we develop sustainable solutions based on mechanistic understanding to tackle current and future challenges, such as interactive storage systems, the next generation of food packaging, sensors and photonic applications.

We are a young, multidisciplinary group of scientists, working in an inspiring environment with our enthusiastic PhD students.

Who we work with

We have a flexible approach to meet the needs of commercial clients and will develop research proposals in close consultation with industrial partners. We lead and collaborate in diverse research and consultancy projects, both nationally and internationally. Our collaborators include: