Core activities

Our production and consumption systems interact with the environment in complex ways. In this research group, we carry out and develop methodology to quantify diverse environmental impacts all along the chain of economic systems from raw material extraction to waste treatment, disposal and recycling. A major holistic tool of ours is environmental life cycle assessment (LCA). The carbon footprint is also a major output of LCA, but we address other environmental impacts in LCA.

We also specialise in modelling production and processing systems and using these to quantify environmental impacts, interactions and unintentional consequences. This is most powerful when coupled with systems models, which we have developed for major commodity production in the UK. Our core background is the agriculture, food chain, but we also work with energy, bioenergy and waste management systems.

We have applied our models to quantify the benefits of improving animal health on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the impacts of genetic improvements in livestock in reducing environmental impacts. We also used a systems-LCA model approach to quantify GHG and other impacts from the entire UK food system and to explore the effects of alternative food consumption patterns. We also developed a tool to carry out LCA of cropping systems (Crop.LCA).

Our most recent foray into LCA is in the emerging technologies of GHG removal from the atmosphere to combat climate change and developing new objective methods to assess them.

We apply the techniques of Operational Research to a variety of systems, especially applying Linear Programs (LP). Our best example is the Silsoe Whole Farm Model (SFARMOD), which has been used in several major projects to forecast land use changes and production choices. We applied these approaches and data analysis to understand better agricultural activity data and to use these in enhancing the UK agricultural GHG and ammonia inventory to reflect changes in activity data.

Key research areas

  • Life cycle assessment,
  • Systems modelling,
  • Greenhouse gas removal,
  • Agriculture and food,
  • Energy systems,
  • Waste management,
  • Operational research,
  • Animal health and environmental impacts,
  • Impacts of dietary change.

Current and recent research projects

  • UP-Green-LCA,
  • Soils-R-GGREAT,
  • GHG and ammonia inventory,
  • Cattle and bTB in Wales,
  • DataVet.


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