The chemistry synthesis research team focusses on research related to the defence industry. This includes energetic formulation ingredients as well as camouflage and smart materials. Our research is applied to areas of new formulation and additive manufacturing technologies and CBRNe. We also deliver short courses with the aim to pass on knowledge, experience and understanding of the threat posed by energetic materials during their manufacturing process.

Our team is experienced across a wide range of chemistries, from small energetic molecules for energetic formulations or polymer binders to metal organic frameworks. Our expertise also reaches pharmaceutical, environmental and CBRN applications. We are experienced in the use of flow chemistry and in particular working under highly corrosive conditions for nitration.

We also design and manufacture polymeric binders for a wide range of applications. We use natural and synthetic precursors to produce macromolecules with specific stereochemistry and chemico-physical and mechanical properties that extend the operative range at which the binders can be processed as soft polymers. Our polymers are also explored in other applications such as pharmaceutical, bio-medical and environmental.

This expertise is used for the training and qualification of Suitably Qualified and Experienced Person (SQEP) in the UK energetics industry. Short courses are designed accordingly to governmental, military or civilian organisations specifications and delivered in Cranfield’s Defence and Security facilities several times per year. The team is offering flexibility and very specific solutions to the single organisations.