The Manufacturing Group is actively researching the chemical synthesis of new small energetic molecules, energetic binders and plasticisers, and new synthetic routes for current energetic materials. We specialise in conventional PBX formulation and pressing, but also have research teams looking at novel manufacturing techniques such as Resonant Acoustic Mixing (RAM) and Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) of energetic materials. Read more Read less

A recent project, ‘Binders by Design’, aimed to design a family of binders and liners for energetic materials that will be exploitable throughout the UK energetics community.

The group is interested in new synthetic methods and has invested in a continuous flow nitration capability for the synthesis of energetic materials. The synthesis team is also active in the area of smart materials for improved ballistic protection and reactive camouflage.

Cranfield Defence and Security has recently opened a new state-of-the-art energetic processing building (the Abel Building) that will enable Cranfield to continue our world-leading research in the energetic material formulation of explosives, pyrotechnics, and propellants.

Finally, we have a keen research interest in the crystallinity and crystal morphology of materials – with active research programs on nucleation and growth mechanisms, co-crystallisation of energetic materials, and improved processing of explosive crystals for reduced vulnerability.