C4D engages with industry in a variety of ways, through workshop programmes, seminars, consultancy, student research projects and applied research.

We work with a range of organisations including corporate, public sector or not-for-profit organisations. C4D works to help find ways to translate science and technology based opportunities into market ready solutions. We bring a user-centred approach to technology development that helps to find new markets and applications for technologies. We help to determine what’s needed and what’s possible. We use a combination of design and engineering skills to bring ideas to life.

We specialise in insight development and idea management activities driven by sustainable design practices, underpinned by immersive applied research tools and rapid innovation techniques - from concept to realisation.

Our strength and uniqueness is in our ability to deliver "informed creativity". By combining creative design practices with systematic applied research methods, we can rapidly visualise, prototype, test and validate new insights and ideas. This reduces uncertainty and risk for our partners.

We run tailored training workshop programmes globally or UK based to help organisations train staff in areas such as design research, trend analysis, branding, visual thinking and design business issues. Our workshop programs are usually aimed either improving skills in operational design teams or developing managerial design business skills in middle managers.