MEB Engineering and Commercial Services Ltd needed support with a proof-of-concept feasibility study involving the simulation of an innovative wiring circuit for a back-power system. This included the development of a Simulink-based simulation model of the system, including all relevant regulatory constraints; simulation under typical test scenarios to ensure grid-compliance; the analysis of simulation results; and further recommendations.

Key Facts

    • MEB Engineering and Commercial Services Ltd is a mechanical, electrical and plumbing company, incorporated to offer MEP surveying and estimating.
    • They worked with Cranfield to establish a proof-of-concept for an innovative wiring circuit.
    • They are hoping to make further enhancements of the developed model into a validation and design tool for the utility industry, and residential and other sectors.
  • Funded by Part-funded by the IMAGE programme, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund

Impact of our research

"The simulation results from the model developed from the wiring drawings have comprehensively confirmed the validity of the proof of concept. It is now recommended that the concept is presented to IET, ECA or appropriate organisations for standards prior to installation for validation/accreditation," said Mark Benson, Director of MEB Engineering and Commercial Services.

Why Cranfield?

Working with Cranfield gave MEB an understanding of the benefits of working with academics who have a store of knowledge and ongoing appreciation and application of technical processes suited to promoting new concepts such as theirs.