Formtech Composite Ltd aimed to increase its network by collaborating with Cranfield Impact Centre.

Key facts

    • Formtech Composite Ltd (FTC) manufactures components made from composite materials for the motorsport, automotive and aeronautical industry, among others.
    • The IMAGE project provided a great opportunity to Formtech Composite to connect with Cranfield University on a small research project.
    • The research conducted can be utilised as the initial feasibility study towards extended research.
    • The generated data is of great importance to Formtech Composites to improve its capabilities of testing and simulating crash events.
  • Funded by IMAGE programme which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund

Impact of our research

Formtech is going to use the data to improve on methods of modelling crush with simulations. The improved modelling capabilities enable FTC to conduct concept design simulations for automotive crash applications.

Why Cranfield?

Formtech Composites does not have a facility to conduct high strain rate testing. Using the Cranfield Impact Centre gave Formtech access to Cranfield's unique facility and also the benefit of the Cranfield's expertise in simulating crash events.