As we emerge from lockdown, businesses are re-evaluating their future plans, we have experienced the challenges and lack of resilience across several key sectors during the crisis which have highlighted the importance of regional, national and global supply chains. The need for ongoing food security, a manufacturing sector that needs to be more agile and a recognition of the critical role that supply chains play in the health sector are just a few examples. Businesses will be focussed on rebuilding a more resilient supply chain, which will be able to cope and respond to new challenges, offering opportunities to graduates with the right skills and experience.

Cranfield can help you learn to innovate and lead the change in this challenging future. Cranfield School of Management boasts one of Europe’s largest specialist logistics, procurement and supply chain management faculty, and is renowned as a centre of excellence in this field. Our Master’s courses are designed with senior logistics and supply chain professionals to ensure they provide the knowledge and skills needed in the global marketplace:

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If you are due to complete your undergraduate degree in 2020, excel in your field of study and are a UK resident eligible for home fee status please click the link below to register for the scholarship and to receive more information.

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I found the practical hands on activities such as the Just in Time game especially useful. It provided a real-life simulation of what experts in industry face daily. As such, I felt comfort inside of me that the concepts and skills being taught in the programme are one hundred percent relevant to industry.

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I am working at my father’s consulting company; we provide consulting in Supply Chain Management. My thesis was about spend analysis and this is the first project that I have worked on since my graduation. I use all of the knowledge from my thesis with the partner company to contribute to my current project and in the future, I will also use it.

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The Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc helped to further develop my leadership skills to manage people, as well as coordinating and collaborating with team members to make things happen. The master’s gives you the opportunity to develop your leadership skills.

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Cranfield has opened the doors to the international career which I always dreamed of. After graduating and securing a manager role with one of the market leaders in the logistics sector, I got the chance to gain work experience across four different locations in the UK. The lessons from my MSc really help me in my day-to-day job. From time studies and cost benefit analysis to cultural awareness, Cranfield equipped me with the knowledge, skills and tools that allow me to excel in my role as a manager.

A lot of hard work and two promotions later, I find myself leading a multinational team in Singapore. Through my journey, I have met other alumni in all parts of the industry and exchange learnings and open job offers on a regular basis. I am truly grateful for the lasting impact Cranfield has on my career and highly recommend the MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Every lecture, course activity and guest speaker session has been well thought out and planned. I now understand and am aware of the huge wealth of opportunity that exists in industry for us on completion of this course. I feel very motivated and well equipped for working in industry.

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc gave me the opportunity to understand challenges and problems faced in the Supply Chain Management sector in general, as well as the chance to develop and combine this with an expertise in Software Engineering. I believe that this course has broadened my mind as a learner and has also given me plenty of ideas about new potential markets to invest in.

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