Over the last few months we have seen UK manufacturers respond to the emerging needs of the health sector, with growing global demand for PPE, respirators, hygiene and social distancing systems. This response highlighted how flexible and innovative the UK manufacturing sector can be. From innovative product designs, rapid prototyping and testing to reconfiguring production lines and supply chains. As we turn to the next chapter manufactures will need to continue to innovate as new business opportunities arise alongside a requirement to remain flexible to meet the varying demands for existing products.

Employers will need emloyees with skills in these areas. At Cranfield University, we are following an ambitious strategy of developing a roadmap for a Sustainable Manufacturing Sector for 2050. As part of this vision we have developed a range of MSc courses in manufacturing and materials that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to lead innovation in the sector.

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How to apply

If you are due to complete your undergraduate degree in 2020, excel in your field of study and are a UK resident eligible for home fee status please click the link below to register for the scholarship and to receive more information.


This course has helped me to stand out from others as the majority of master’s courses in Europe are generic engineering, whereas here you have much more specific courses that can help you to specialise. I think that’s something that companies really appreciate which has in turn has benefited my career.

Cranfield is the key that can open you the door to the real life environment and if you are willing to work hard to show the world what you are capable of, they will see your true potential and bet for you.

Cranfield is very famous in industry which is what attracted me to this University, as well as the course content itself which covers most of the advanced knowledge in IOT, in Cyber-Security and in manufacturing. The aspect of the course which I find most enjoyable is the group project where we have the chance to implement our knowledge and put it into practice. It’s a wonderful course which I would definitely recommend.