The increased global focus on the full range of environmental issues and pressures on our supply chains means that there has never been a greater opportunity within the environment and agrifood sectors to develop a career making a real difference to society. As the world seeks to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic there is a recognised need to do so in a sustainable way, to create a better world for all. This presents an ideal opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills to be instrumental in leading this change.

Equipped with the advanced knowledge and management skills to analyse processes, principles and practices essential to environmental challenges, you will have opportunities to pursue careers across a wide range of industrial and public organisations. Increasing consumer awareness and demand regarding food quality, nutrition and safety issues, coupled with intensifying competition within the rapidly changing food industry, has created a demand for individuals who are able to drive success in the management of key food chains in a modern global economic market.

Our MScs offer a balance between engineering, technology, science and management, to ensure that whatever your background we have the right course to take your career to the next level.

The Environment and Agrifood MScs we offer are:



How to apply

If you are due to complete your undergraduate degree in 2020, excel in your field of study and are a UK resident eligible for home fee status please click the link below to register for the scholarship and to receive more information.

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