The Aerospace and Transport sectors are adaptive, resourceful and resilient industries, this was highlighted by the sector’s response after demand in air travel reduced post 9/11. However, it will take time for passenger volumes to return, despite the current challenges technological innovation will become increasingly important to improve operational efficiencies across the sector.

Digital aviation will be at the forefront, where companies are seeking to innovate with sustainable aviation technologies in aircraft design/propulsion to smarter methods of operating, maintaining and repairing aircraft. Digital aviation spans a broad spectrum requiring a mix of skills from coding, human factors, management, engineering and everything in-between - it is not limited to the aircraft and it’s operations. Cranfield’s Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre (DARTeC) highlights the ongoing industry commitment to digital aviation where we will see leading edge research in connected systems, unmanned traffic management, seamless customer journeys, distributed airport/airspace management and the concept of the “conscious aircraft”.

Alongside this, unmanned systems are becoming increasingly prevalent in everyday life from the prospect of self-driving cars, UAV deliveries from Amazon to agricultural drones for farmers where technology can be used to monitor livestock and crops to autonomous crop spraying solutions.

Despite the challenges we current face, the Aerospace and Transport sectors will require employees with a broad spectrum of skills who can help innovate to deliver the digital and sustainable future. How can you contribute?

How to apply

If you are due to complete your undergraduate degree in 2020, excel in your field of study and are a UK resident eligible for home fee status please click the link below to register for the scholarship and to receive more information.


This MSc course was interesting and coherent, and the cutting edge technology tailored towards aeronautical industry’s upcoming developments. I had the opportunity to experience new challenges and work on impressively ambitious projects which were highly rewarding. It provided me with the skills and knowledge I needed to start my career, and I found the job I wanted immediately after completing the MSc. Moreover, with brilliant staff and outstanding facilities, Cranfield is a wonderful place to study.

Autonomous Vehicle Dynamics and Control is a very unique course. It has a lot of interesting areas. In particular, the cutting edge technology. This course will definitely help me in my future career. Cranfield is a very good learning environment.
The overall experience has been really positive, and has provided me with the needed tools to find a job that I love and where I can put forth all the knowledge that I gained during the MSc.