Previous KTP successes at Cranfield University include:

Cambridge Vacuum Engineering Ltd
We worked with CVE to embed novel technical capabilities in Cambridge Vacuum Technology and commercialise on innovative leading welding technology in partnership with Cranfield University.

CorrosionRADAR Ltd

We worked with CorrosionRADAR Ltd to embed the knowledge and capabilities to develop data-driven corrosion models that, combined with proprietary sensor technology, enables the undertaking of predictive maintenance to manage corrosion under insulation.

Renishaw Plc
We worked with Renishaw Plc to bring in-house design authority for certain key semiconductor components that are currently procured as sub-optimal off-the-shelf products, to be able to contract bespoke UK-fabrication, enabling Renishaw Plc to innovatively enhance the precision of metrology equipment and expand product ranges.

Siemens Energy Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd 
We worked with Siemens Energy Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd to embed a novel toolkit that will optimise service oriented solutions and offer clients a number of new ways of working with Siemens. This project will transform the way Siemens undertakes business with clients.

Secure Innovation Ltd
We worked with Secure Innovation Ltd to develop a safe, lightweight, rapid cash degradation system (CDS) that can be integrated with their products.

Warden Plastics Ltd
We worked with Warden Plastics Ltd to embed cutting-edge wastewater treatment knowledge and capabilities that allow for the development of a novel biocarrier and the future development of novel wastewater treatment technologies.

Avelliant Ltd
We worked with Avelliant Ltd to step away from traditional radar approaches and thinking, where business-as-usual has not fundamentally evolved for decades, in order to develop a game-changing novel radar platform.

We worked with TRUMPF Laser UK Ltd to embed and exploit novel technical capabilities in laser welding to support fiber laser sales for advanced manufacturing.

GBR Rail Ltd
We worked with GBR Rail Ltd to develop a global-first, next generation train robotic washing system allowing for rapid, safe, reproducible and optimal cleaning.

Autoglym Ltd
We worked with Autogylm Ltd on the development of a new capability to design, prototype and test physical vehicle cleaning accessories that optimise the efficiency of Autogylm’s vehicle cleaning formulations. This will complement the company’s exceptional chemical-based development expertise and facilities, driving business growth. 

Penny & Giles Controls Ltd
We worked with Penny & Giles Controls Ltd to develop a new product range of wearable video displays and controls capable of operating in rugged environments (extremely harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, immersion, dust, light and noise).

Haddonstone Ltd
We worked with Haddonstone Ltd to embed new capabilities, to implement continued evidence-backed productivity gains and to gather the ability to establish viable manufacturing processes in the cast stone industry, which have remained largely unchanged over the past century.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS)
We worked with the RHS to develop innovative, cost-effective, impactful water management technologies and methodologies, implement changes in RHS gardens and inform behavioural change among amateur and professional gardeners.

Elsoms Seeds Ltd
We worked with Elsoms Seeds to develop more efficient bulk seed storage processes and seed 'health' monitoring capabilities within Elsoms Seeds Ltd by fully understanding what influences the quality, germination and vigour of seeds.

Pamela Steele Associates Ltd
We worked with Pamela Steele Associates to develop a novel, evidence-based decision support framework to enable clients involved with/in developing countries to optimise spend/investment decisions to improve public health supply chains.

iDirect UK Ltd
We worked with iDirect UK to add additional value to the company's current software product in a new and innovative way to give customers a better understanding of their network traffic.

TotalSim Ltd
We worked with TotalSim to develop a new business to sell the next generation of aerodynamic, high performance, bespoke sports clothing solutions for professional athletes and high-end sports enthusiasts.

Midland Lead Operations Ltd
We worked with Midland Lead to develop and significantly improve the direct machine casting of lead sheet with the improved efficiency of production measurable by an increase in material yield and a reduction in energy input.

bigHead Bonding Fasteners Ltd
We worked with bigHead Bonding Fasteners to add to the company’s existing business capabilities by building a new business offering that provides manufacturers with high-volume product and process solutions for the integration of bigHead fasteners into composite manufacturing processes.

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Overview Ltd
We worked with Overview to develop and build new in-house advanced motor control capabilities to support innovation in the design of advanced stabilised camera platforms for surveillance and broadcast applications.

British Sugar plc
We worked with British Sugar Plc to develop a decision support tool that optimises the harvest management of sugar beet.

Lark Energy Ltd
We worked with Lark Energy Ltd to design and implement a monitoring procedure for a renewable energy technology. In this project output data was used to take the renewable energy research and development project to market and to investigate further applications of the technology.

G's Growers Ltd
We worked with G's Growers Ltd to undertake a commercial study for remote satellite crop and market intelligence and hyperspectral crop disease diagnosis.

MESH Planning Tools Ltd
We worked with MESH Planning Tools Ltd to integrate behavioural data feeds with the SMS tracking method to expand the toolkit of products that link customer experience to recommendation and sales.