The Distinguished Water, Energy and Environment Alumni Award: Celebrating the long-term achievements of outstanding alumni.

The Distinguished Water, Energy, Environment and Design Alumni Award is one of Cranfield University’s highest honours. It recognises those individuals who have achieved significant success within their industry/sector, while upholding the highest standards in industry practice.

Alumni who have won this award will have:

  • Sustained professional achievement at the highest levels, preferably extending into the year of selection: professional achievement may be viewed in terms of:
    • Technology/engineering leadership.
    • Achieving transformational change in an organisation.
    • Significant and successful project management.
    • Contribution to company profitability, job creation and project management.
    • Significant impact on their industry and sector, beyond their own role and organisation.
  • International visibility: influence/experience working across different geographic regions.
  • Exhibited positive role model behaviours and highest standards of business practice.
  • Demonstrated innovation and creativity.
  • Achieved other awards and recognitions.
  • A previous relationship with Cranfield or be committed to supporting Cranfield in the future.