The Cranfield Manufacturing and Materials Alumni Awards recognise the special achievements and contributions of alumni while providing Cranfield with an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate those in the manufacturing sector who exemplify the values of the University. The awards also allow us to showcase the impact of Cranfield globally and highlight the accomplishments of individuals who may serve as role models to other alumni, students, and potential students.

Do you know someone who has made outstanding progress in their career? Has someone in your network led the way with research or innovative thinking that has had a significant impact on the industry? Does a fellow alumnus/a spring to mind whose success can inspire others? Help us to celebrate the exceptional achievements, innovations, and accomplishments demonstrated by our manufacturing and materials alumni community.

Who will you nominate?

Nominations for the 2025 Cranfield Manufacturing and Materials Alumni awards are open

For more information on the alumni awards, how to nominate, and tips on how to make your nomination stand out read the nominations page