The Excellence in Achievement Award for Recent Aviation Graduates: Celebrating early career alumni in the aerospace industry.

The Excellence in Achievement Award for Recent Aviation Graduates recognises those who have made significant progress in their careers within ten years of graduating from Cranfield. This award recognises those who have the potential to reach the highest levels of success in the future.

Alumni who have won this award will:

  • Have demonstrated technological/engineering leadership.
  • Have national visibility.
  • Had an early career impact on the sector or industry.
  • Demonstrated achievement beyond individual position and company.
  • Have international experience and impact.
  • Role model behaviours/highest standards of business practice.
  • Have a relationship with Cranfield since graduation or potential benefit of a future relationship.

Meet the 2022 Excellence in Achievement Award for Recent Aviation Graduates winner

Alice Ferrari (MSc Air Transport Management 2013)

CEO and Co-Founder, Kyte

Alice Ferrari

Alice Ferrari is the CEO and Co-founder of Kyte, a new API technology platform for airline retailing

Alice completed a degree in Maritime and Transport Economics at the Universita di Genova, Italy, followed by an MSc in Air Transport Management in 2013 at Cranfield University.

Alice is very passionate about bringing solutions to the industry that can help airlines develop the way they present the flight booking experience and better engage with customers. Alice has spent her entire professional life working in the airline industry, starting her career at easyJet in 2013 in the Crew Planning team, Alice worked on developing the company’s Regulatory Flight Time Limitations strategy in operations to improve crew efficiency. This involved performing risk assessments, identifying root causes of crew fatigue, and applying appropriate corrective actions. In 2014, Alice moved on to an Operations Executive role within easyJet to improve operational performance, enhance the customer experience, and drive collaboration between operations and other key areas of the business.

Alice became an Aviation Consultant in 2017 working alongside Nyras partners and Senior Associates on projects for airlines, airports, and aviation service providers worldwide, before developing travel technology start-ups for Founders Factory, easyJet's partner venture studio. 

Alice said: "When I arrived at Cranfield in 2012 to start my course I had great aspirations for my career. I still couldn’t believe I had got there and was eager to start and work hard, motivated by the drive to make a difference in the industry. I always knew I wanted to make a direct contribution to the development of the airline world. That motivation and dream still exists and whilst I know there is a long way ahead of me to pursue that goal, I’m so honoured to receive such an early recognition of my efforts with my business, Kyte, a new distribution and retailing software solution on a mission to give airlines the right tool to become modern retailers and engage with the digitally savvy customer of today."

Meet the 2021 Excellence in Achievement Award for Recent Aviation Graduates Winner

Dr Camille Burban (MSc Human Factors and Safety Assessments in Aeronautics 2012, PhD Transport Systems 2016

Aviation Safety Manager, TUI Airways

Dr Camille Burban

Camille started her Aviation journey with a Mechatronics Engineering degree in Valenciennes, France, before joining Cranfield in 2011 where she completed her MSc in Human Factors and Safety Assessment in Aviation and, following this, her PhD focused on Human Factors in Air Accident Investigation.

Her research supported the development of the human factors capability at the UK AAIB. Her passion for aviation safety and human factors was later pursued at Clockwork Research, a consultancy specialising in fatigue management based in London. She then stepped into an Operational Safety Officer role at Eastern Airways, before Joining Flybe in 2019 as Safety Manager.
Since May 2020, Cam is the Aviation Safety Manager at TUI Airways, based in Luton. Her achievements to date include, alongside the teams at TUI, securing the return to service of the 737 MAX in the UK and ensuring a safe restart to international air travel following the COVID 19-crisis.

Camille’s expertise helps bridge the gap between academia and industry by translating and applying tools from the research world into an airline environment. Since she left Cranfield, Cam has continued to give guest lectures and support students for both MSc and professional short courses in the Centre for Safety and Accident Investigation and the Centre for Air Transport Management at Cranfield University.

Meet the 2020 Excellence in Achievement Award for Recent Aviation Graduates Winner

Artūrs Saveljevs (Executive MSc Airport Planning and Management 2015)

Member of the Board, Riga International Airport 

Artūrs SaveljevsArtūrs began his aviation career in 2003 when he joined Riga International Airport Operations. In 2005, he was appointed the Non-Aviation Marketing Manager and later the Director of the Marketing Department. He assumed the role of the Director of the Commercial Department in 2007 becoming responsible for the airport’s non-aviation commercial activities and in September 2017 he joined the Management Board of Riga Airport currently being responsible for all airport’s commercial activities and marketing.

He holds a Master’s degree in Airport Planning and Management from Cranfield University and Master’s degree in International Economics from the University of Latvia. He is also a member of the ACI Europe Commercial Forum where he heads Airport city/Real estate task force and is a Lecturer in Aviation Management at the Transport and Telecommunication Institute in Riga.

Artūrs is a frequent speaker on airport commercial development at various local and global industry events. He is also active in the local community by counselling regional municipality on business development at the Business Advisory Council of Marupe Municipality.

In his free time, Artūrs enjoys travelling with his family, playing tennis and supporting the local aviation community.