We are immensely proud of our 75,000 alumni, working across the world in diverse industries and functions, from food safety and motorsport, to forensics and management consultancy.

We're here to help our alumni maintain a lifelong connection to Cranfield and each other through events, volunteering opportunities, networking and sharing stories.

There are several ways to stay in contact with Cranfield and your fellow alumni - no matter where you are in the world.

International communities

We have active international communities across the world, led by our local alumni volunteers. The communities are designed to ensure that you can easily keep in touch with the University and benefit from the Cranfield alumni network wherever you are based in the world. International communities undertake a number of activities, including:

  • Organising networking events and lectures for alumni.
  • Meeting with prospective students.
  • Supporting the Alumni team in keeping in contact with alumni from across the world.
  • Supporting each other.

Course year group activities

Are you still in touch with your classmates? Can you help us reconnect with them?

If so, the Alumni team would love to hear from you. Cohorts often form very close friendships on campus but we realise that it can be hard to maintain these and stay in contact with each other after you leave. To stay in touch we have provided all alumni with access to our online Alumni Directory giving you the means to contact classmates for have given permission for their contact details to be published.

Where there is contact information missing for your year, perhaps you can help us find ‘lost alumni’ through your own personal networks, and encourage them to get in touch with the Alumni team or complete our online form to update their details.

Organising a reunion

Whether you graduated five or 50 years ago have you thought about organising a reunion for your former classmates? We are keen to help alumni stay in touch with each other after they have graduated from Cranfield. Not only do reunions provide the opportunity for classmates to reconnect with each other but they can lead to new business or career opportunities, new chances to learn and new perspectives.

We rely on individuals to volunteer as reunion organisers, but the Alumni team can provide you with support to co-ordinate your reunion on campus - or advice if you want to hold it elsewhere. We are also happy to support you in the following ways:

  • Reaching out to your class to invite them.
  • Sending emails on your behalf.
  • Including your reunion in our monthly event bulletin and on the alumni event web pages.

If you would like information about organising class activities please contact the Alumni team.