MK:U was founded to provide a new type of undergraduate university, with a particular focus on closing the digital skills gap and creating graduates that meet the needs of modern businesses.

This is a fantastic place to start, but achieving this mission will mean a fresh outlook and new approaches not seen before in undergraduate education – enter the Innovation Hub, a new space at the heart of the wider business community to showcase ideas, develop pioneering mindsets, and drive growth.

What makes the Innovation Hub special?

The Innovation Hub places real businesses at the centre of daily operations at MK:U, encouraging collaboration and building a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and technology experts. 

The hub will play a key role in MK:U becoming a UK leader for innovation by bringing businesses together. With a particular focus towards smart cities and connectivity, MK:U is working in partnership with a range of employers, including Santander, Grant Thornton and Rockwell Automation.

Increased opportunities and access to world-class facilities

Facilities in the Innovation Hub include:

  • Creative maker space
    Access to the tools the next generation of pioneers need to turn their ideas into reality.
  • Collaboration space
    Unique to Milton Keynes and specially designed for business leaders and trailblazers to meet and collaborate.
  • Innovation showcases
    Regular events and demonstrations of the technology that is driving the next generation of smart cities.
  • Communications lab
    Equipped with the tools to provide businesses the opportunity to develop and test leading communications technologies.

Can I make use of the Innovation Hub as an alumnus?

Yes! The Innovation Hub is open to the public - the space is designed to be used actively and would be the perfect place to host a meeting or workshop, or as a stop off on your next visit to Cranfield.

Become a member of the Innovation Hub today.

How else can I get involved with MK:U?

Momentum around MK:U continues to build, with 40 new apprentices from a range of companies started on campus in February 2022 in addition to the first two cohorts who started in September 2021 and a new group scheduled to start in May 2022. 

Cranfield remains committed to bring a leading university to Milton Keynes and the innovation hub is an important step towards this.

Alumni interested in finding out more about MK:U apprenticeships should contact MK:U.