With the start of the new academic year in progress, we are reflecting on how our alumni support students at Cranfield.

The following are just some of the ways that Cranfield alumni, just like you, are supporting students.

Making a difference through mentoring

The Career mentoring programme pairs alumni with current students to help them with their career development and to provide insight into roles and sectors. But it’s a two-way relationship and feedback from mentors highlights that being a mentor is really satisfying. The value it adds to the student experience is immense as Gunarjun Chawla (current MBA student) shares:

“It's a good networking and a learning tool that might not be a compulsory part of the [course]…but it's worth every minute. Picking up ideas and experiences from alumni for the MBA year and beyond were a couple of key factors in deciding to choose the mentoring programme.”

Enriching the Cranfield alumni community

International communities around the world welcomed current and new students to their worldwide alumni celebration events during September. International communities organised events for their region, both online and in-person, which provided our students with the opportunity to find out more about how their international community could support them, and new students got to experience the Cranfield community before they even stepped on campus.

Sharing expertise

Alumni have gone out of their way over the last 18 months to speak to students and share their expertise and post-Cranfield experience, and it has a lasting impact on students as Alison Whaley, Director of Student Experience says:

“Our alumni are highly valued by our current students. Alumni giving up time to speak about their career path, both the ups and the downs, is really appreciated. Students find the talks inspiring and enjoy feeling part of the vibrant and vast Cranfield community. I am so grateful to the alumni who have stepped forward and volunteered their time in this way.”

Helping the next generation kick start their career

Cranfield alumni are helping the next generation of students kickstart their careers by providing them with projects and internships – these have taken place in a wide range of industries and across lots of different countries. Alumni have also used Cranfield’s Career Development vacancy service to advertise to, and recruit, Cranfield alumni. Having experience Cranfield for themselves our alumni know that Cranfield graduates can be a huge asset to any organisation whether it’s on a short-term or permanent basis.

Thank you!

As our alumni you hugely improve the experience of students at Cranfield. Thank you for giving your time, energy and knowledge to support our students.