This month’s alumni eNewsletter, ‘The AI issue: Making people and machines better together’ explores developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology – from the possibility to enhance processes and productivity, to the key ethical considerations we need to take into account.

If you’re interested in learning more about AI, there are several ALO resources you can access to stay informed. Below are just a few examples of recent articles you can read:

In ABI/Inform

Jöhnk Jan, Weißert Malte, & Katrin, W. (2021). Ready or Not, AI Comes— An Interview Study of Organizational AI Readiness Factors. Business & Information Systems Engineering, 63(1), 5-20.

Strich, F., Mayer, A., & Fiedler, M. (2021). What Do I Do in a World of Artificial Intelligence? Investigating the Impact of Substitutive Decision-Making AI Systems on Employees’ Professional Role Identity. Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 22(2), 9. 

Lichtenthaler, U. (2020). Five Maturity Levels of Managing AI: From Isolated Ignorance to Integrated Intelligence. Journal of Innovation Management, 8(1).

Baldegger, R., Caon, M., & Sadiku, K. (2020). Correlation between Entrepreneurial Orientation and implementation of AI in Human Resource Management (HRM). Technology Innovation Management Review, 10(4), 72-79.

Ruiz-Real, J., Uribe-Toril, J., Torres, J. A., & Pablo, J. D. (2021). Artificial intelligence in business and economics research: trends and future. Journal of Business Economics and Management, 22(1), 98-117.

In EBSCO Business Source

Gurría, A. (2019). Setting course for a human-centred AI: We must seize the potential of AI and prepare and protect future generations. OECD Observer319, 3. Haenlein, M., & Kaplan, A. (2019). A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence: On the Past, Present, and Future of Artificial Intelligence. California Management Review61(4), 5–14.

Davenport, T., Guha, A., Grewal, D., & Bressgott, T. (2020). How artificial intelligence will change the future of marketing. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science48(1), 24–42.

In Emerald Journals

Lichtenthaler, U. (2020). Beyond artificial intelligence: why companies need to go the extra step. Journal of Business Strategy, 41(1), 19-26. 

Wamba-Taguimdje, S.-L., Fosso Wamba, S., Kala Kamdjoug, J.R. and Tchatchouang Wanko, C.E. (2020). Influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on firm performance: the business value of AI-based transformation projects. Business Process Management Journal, 26(7), 1893-1924.

Eriksson, T., Bigi, A. and Bonera, M. (2020). Think with me, or think for me? On the future role of artificial intelligence in marketing strategy formulation. The TQM Journal, 32(4), 795-814.

Wilson, M., Paschen, J. and Pitt, L. (2021). The circular economy meets artificial intelligence (AI): understanding the opportunities of AI for reverse logistics. Management of Environmental Quality, Ahead-of-print.

Liang, T.-P., Robert, L., Sarker, S., Cheung, C.M.K., Matt, C., Trenz, M. and Turel, O. (2021). Artificial intelligence and robots in individuals' lives: how to align technological possibilities and ethical issues. Internet Research, 31(1), 1-10.

In Sage Journals

Huang, M.-H., & Rust, R. T. (2021). Engaged to a Robot? The Role of AI in Service. Journal of Service Research24(1), 30–41.

Hafezi, R. (2020). How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Understanding in Challenging Chaotic Environments. World Futures Review12(2), 219–228.

Puntoni, S., Reczek, R. W., Giesler, M., & Botti, S. (2021). Consumers and Artificial Intelligence: An Experiential Perspective. Journal of Marketing85(1), 131–151.

Graßmann, C., & Schermuly, C. C. (2021). Coaching With Artificial Intelligence: Concepts and Capabilities. Human Resource Development Review20(1), 106–126.

Sartor, G. (2020). Artificial intelligence and human rights: Between law and ethics. Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law27(6), 705–719.

Open Access articles in ScienceDirect from Elsevier

Although Elsevier do not generally permit alumni access to ScienceDirect material, don’t forget there are many articles available via open access (the author has paid to allow their article to be publicly available without subscription).

Here are some examples of open access articles in this subject area with direct links to the full text:

Sanjeev Verma, Rohit Sharma, Subhamay Deb, Debojit Maitra. (2021). Artificial intelligence in marketing: Systematic review and future research direction. International Journal of Information Management Data Insights, 100002.

Rodrigo Perez-Vega, Valtteri Kaartemo, Cristiana R. Lages, Niloofar Borghei Razavi, Jaakko Männistö, (2020). Reshaping the contexts of online customer engagement behavior via artificial intelligence: A conceptual framework. Journal of Business Research, Ahead-of-print.

Naomi Haefner, Joakim Wincent, Vinit Parida, Oliver Gassmann. (2021). Artificial intelligence and innovation management: A review, framework, and research agenda. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 162(120392).

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