Seven ways to be a great mentor

Being a mentor should be a positive and rewarding experience. Here’s how to make the most of it and be a great mentor:

  1. Listen patiently – Listen and ask appropriate questions to help you get a clear view of your mentee’s goals, aspirations, and needs.
  2. Share your advice and experience – Even if you’ve never faced the same challenge or problem, an outside perspective can help give your mentee clarity and solve problems.
  3. Help your mentee set goals – Use the SMART framework to help your mentee set goals that are practical and useful to them.
  4. Give recommendations - Recommend things your mentee may find useful, these can include tasks, events, books, webinars, journals and podcasts.
  5. Be available – If you use a separate communication channel for your mentee communications check it on a regular basis, and maintain contact with your mentee at least once a month.
  6. Encourage independence – You are helping your mentee grow and develop, encourage them to make their own suggestions and be responsible for their own development.
  7. Respect confidentiality – Make sure what happens in mentoring stays in mentoring – unless you both agree otherwise.

Enjoy the experience!