Whether you're a recent graduate, looking to rise through the ranks of your current employer, or progress in your wider industry you can extend and widen your knowledge with discounts across our range of professional development and executive education courses.

In a competitive job market where excellence is demanded, keeping up-to-date and enhancing your knowledge and skills can set you apart from the competition. Our executive development and professional development courses can help you make a real difference to you and your organisation, whether you are a multi-national company, a growing SME or a small start-up. Alongside our extensive portfolio of courses, we can offer you customised programmes, as well as access to our experts and use of our leading technological and learning facilities.

Having already benefitted from studying at Cranfield, you will be able to expand and deepen your professional skills in a familiar environment – albeit one that refuses to stand still and constantly innovates. Attending our courses will enable you to further grow your professional network and learn from and connect with individuals from around the world. 

Short courses range from half-day sessions to modular courses that take place over the course of several months, but if you require something more bespoke, we can work with you to meet your requirements and deliver training in a format that best suits your needs.

Alternatively you may be interested in studying for an executive degree such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). 

Discounts on course fees

Alumni can take advantage of the alumni discount scheme on courses offered by Cranfield School of Management. As a Cranfield graduate, you can get a 20% course fee discount on MBA, DBA, and Executive Development programmes if you choose to continue your journey with Cranfield.

At Cranfield we are proud of our close links to business and industry. Most of our faculty who teach on our courses have real-world business experience, our research and thought-leadership informs the content of our courses, and we help all our alumni with personal development and career management.

To find out more about discounts on our range of professional development and executive education courses please contact us