People from all walks of life, and in all industries and fields have been impacted by the effect the coronavirus has had on the economy and recruitment. Social distancing and restrictions on daily life around the world have led to many organisations closing down – some temporarily, some permanently.

This has meant that while there are still opportunities for job seekers, due to the pandemic it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a role or that dream job. The following five tips will help you in your job hunt while staying at home.

1. Explore alternatives

While you may be searching for a permanent role don’t overlook temporary or short-term roles - you never know what opportunities they may open up and where they might lead. You can also explore alternative opportunities in areas or industries that are similar to the one you want to work in. The key is to be flexible.

2. Don’t be desperate

With competition for roles likely to be higher than usual, be purposeful. Applying for roles should continue to be about quality rather than quantity. Do your due diligence, for example does your skill set match the requirements of the role, and does the salary, hours and commute (if any) meet your work-life balance requirements?

3. Build and expand your professional network

Now more than ever the adage about “it’s not what you know, but who you know” is crucial. Did you know that around 80% of new jobs are never posted because they’re found or created through networking? In addition, according to the Undercover Recruiter, employee referrals account for 40% of all hires. Even with social distancing measures and restrictions in place, there are a number of resources you can use:


Join groups related to your interest or industry.

Follow organisations you want to work for.

Make connections with fellow Cranfield alumni through our School of Management and University alumni LinkedIn groups.

Social media searches and alerts

Set up alerts on your social media channels to look for phrases such as “we’re hiring”, “join my team”, “job search”.

Attend virtual events

Many virtual events come with chat rooms or a chat box where you can chat with others in the event. Use these opportunities to engage with attendees by sharing your thoughts on the subject, answering questions or asking a question.

Follow up on your conversations with a LinkedIn connection request or an email.

4. Do your research

If you are invited for an interview, then thoroughly research the company (alumni and students can use the Alumni Library Online for this), find out about its values, and ask specific questions to make sure this is an organisation you will be happy to work for. You can also conduct research on the potential employer’s website,, Vault’s Career Insider and LinkedIn.

5. Preparation and practice

Many organisations have changed the way they conduct interviews, with many switching to video interviews. Give yourself time in the days before the interview to get comfortable with the technology. Check your camera and audio settings, internet connection and the software/video call platform you will be using to make sure everything is set up in advance. As part of your Cranfield careers continuation service you can use the mock interview tool on Symplicity, the Careers Development Services’ bespoke online career management platform. The module has several pre-set scenarios where you can record yourself answering interview questions; this will help you discover how you come across visually and from a body language perspective.

How Cranfield can support your job hunt

Alumni and students (who have been registered at the University for more than 28 days) have access to career support as part of their free life-long alumni benefits. Here are some of the resources you can use to help you find a job:

  • Alumni Library Online (ALO) – Use the ALO to research organisations prior to a job interview and keep up-to-date on developments in your field or industry.
  • Alumni Directory – Use the Alumni Directory to find classmates and find alumni in specific organisations or industries so that you can expand your network or ask for advice on getting a job in that organisation or industry.
  • Symplicity - Access Symplicity to search and apply for jobs, connect with recruiters, book places on careers events and use the mock interview tool. By keeping your Symplicity profile up-to-date you can store multiple CVs and cover letters, receive a weekly jobs email, and set up tailored alerts.
  • LinkedIn – Join our School of Management and University alumni LinkedIn groups to make connections and engage with fellow alumni.
  • Alumni events – Keep an eye on our alumni events pages for virtual events where you can connect with fellow alumni from around the University.

You can also find out more about your Cranfield alumni career support resources on the alumni portal.

If you have any questions regarding your alumni portal access or account, or have problems logging in, please contact the alumni team.