Organisations and workplaces are undergoing extraordinary digital transformations due to technology, and at the same time workforces are being transformed. This transformation has led to inclusive talent management becoming a mainstream issue and a hot topic in boardrooms across the world.

This year’s alumni conference brought together Cranfield alumni to explore, discuss and unpick issues around the lack of women leaders, the multigenerational workforce, ethnicity on boards, engaging men as allies, and being a great employer for those with disabilities or those who are working carers.

New year, new talent management strategy

While it may not be necessary to overhaul your current talent management plan and replace it with an entirely new approach, there is always room for improvement and the new year presents the perfect opportunity to explore the issues and gain insight and practical ideas to help you successfully lead inclusive teams and improve organisational performance as a result.

This year’s conference was fantastic with some amazing speakers and some great insights. If you were there then hopefully you are in agreement. If you couldn’t make it then keep an eye out for future events.

You can listen online or download the sessions below. You can also read about the highlights and key takeaways and discover how you can use your Alumni Library Online to further your knowledge on the topics discussed.