Each year Cranfield University recruits a team of enthusiastic and professional students to be the voice of the University as part of our ambassador programme.

Our diverse group of Ambassadors come from all nationalities and help to inspire prospective students from around the world. They embody our truly international community and share their experiences as a postgraduate student at Cranfield, whilst highlighting the values and vision we hold.

Could you be an Ambassador?

Our ambassadors have the following qualities:

  • Enthusiastic and positive
  • Confident in their verbal communication skills
  • Have a good work ethic, be professional and reliable.

If this sounds like you, then email the team for more information studentambassadors@cranfield.ac.uk

What can you expect as a Cranfield Ambassador?

You will make calls to prospective Cranfield University students, reply to messages on our online chat service UniBuddy, help write and develop social media pages, collecting testimonials, attend events and open days and take part in focus groups.

Hours and pay

The hours are up to you – your study will always take precedence, so you decide on the hours assigned. Typically, Ambassadors work 3-6 hours every 2 weeks.

Pay from the 1st of August 2023 is £11.45 per hour with additional holiday pay on top of £1.38 per hour.

Please note student work hours are dependent on visa requirements. Cranfield University has a policy that all students can only work up to a maximum of 18 hrs per week (in total, i.e. all jobs combined).

Recruitment for 2023/24 starts at the end of September 2023. Email studentambassadors@cranfield.ac.uk to confirm your interest. You will then be sent details about the application process.

Ambassador testimonials

"Stepping into the shoes of a student ambassador was like strapping on a cape of knowledge and wearing a smile that could light up a campus. From sharing my love for learning to guiding future scholars, it was a journey of making lasting connections and igniting a spark of curiosity in others. Being an ambassador made me a proud advocate for my university, a beacon of inspiration, and a master of the campus map. My time as a student ambassador will forever be etched in my story of growth and impact. Count me in as your ambassador for life!” - Anushka

“My experience as a student ambassador has been so amazing and fulfilling. I have the chance to talk to prospective students through call campaigns, open days and Unibuddy, about my journey here at Cranfield, this not only helps me to improve my communication skills but also allows me to assist them through the process that sometimes can be uncertain. The best part of it is receiving gratitude comments from the applicants, and getting to know that my help was really useful. I am so glad to have the chance to represent my country and university as an ambassador.” - Flor