From supplies arriving at a basecamp, to soldiers leaving a conflict zone, a new book from authors at Cranfield University examines the theory and practice of logistics and supply chain management in the defence context.

Defence Logistics: Enabling and Sustaining Successful Military Operations has been written by staff at Cranfield Defence and Security and examines the frameworks within which defence logistics is structured and resourced, along with the current processes by which operational support is planned and executed.

The book also considers established theories and their practical utility through real-life case studies in areas such as supportability engineering, inventory management, decision support, resilience, procurement, information systems, sustainability and crisis response.

Jeremy Smith, editor of the book and lecturer at Cranfield’s Centre for Defence Acquisition, said: “We set out to address the elements which typically feature in commercially focused logistics and supply chain operations and management, but we also addressed the disciplines associated with NATO’s wider definition of logistics.

“The writing team structured each chapter around generic principles – the ‘rules of the game’, or the enduring realities of logistics in the defence domain – so that the book is applicable to any nation,” added Smith, who served for 25 years in the British Army as a logistician and Ammunition Technical Officer.

Additional elements covered in the book include procurement and contracting for support in the defence domain; design, development, and sustainment of through-life support systems for ships, vehicles, aircraft, weapon systems, and long service-life capital assets in general; defence logistics infrastructure; medical logistics; the planning and conduct of operational defence logistics; and the general structuring and deployment of military staffs, defence contractors, and defence department civilians for enabling and sustaining efficient and effective logistic support to military operations.

Defence Logistics is published by Kogan Page and is available in the UK from 3 February and the US from 28 February 2018. Order the book and save 20% with code BLGDefLog when purchasing direct from Kogan Page here.