Would you like to name a seat on the Saab 340B?

Imagine being pressed into a seat at 2G of force. The experience of a Dutch-roll. Feeling the rollercoaster effect of a phugoid. The joy of seeing mathematical formulae from textbooks come to life…

Now you can permanently take a seat with us on the Saab 340B.

Naming one of the 30 seats available on the Saab 340B aircraft is one the most special ways in which you can support our campaign.

Whether to celebrate a special date, like a birthday or an anniversary, remember a friend or a loved one, celebrate your unique time at Cranfield, or share your commitment to the future of aviation, your gift will continue lifting up aerospace leaders of the future.

The Flying Classroom represents a key capability in our vision for the future and is central to Cranfield’s identity.

When you name a seat on the Saab 340B aircraft, you are empowering generations of aerospace leaders with a real-life experience no textbook or simulator can replicate, and you get to have a seat with them on every single flight.

Would you like to take a seat with us?

How to name a seat

Naming a seat couldn’t be easier. You can speak to our Senior Development Manager James Pagliaro who will help you make your selection so you can take a seat amongst our alumni and friends who have named seats as a gift, a tribute or a lasting memory of their time at Cranfield.

For a gift of £10,000, you can name any one of the 30 seats available on the 340B aircraft and have your chosen name engraved on a plaque on the back of your seat.

You may also like some wording with your chosen name:

   Donated by…
   A gift for…
   In memory of…

The other benefits of your gift include:

  • An invitation for you and a friend to attend the private showcase of the Saab340B aircraft at Cranfield where you can, if you wish, have the same flight experience as the students
  • A photo opportunity with your seat and a commemorative certificate
  • Your name listed on our NFLC donor board and on our general donors’ list, however, donors may remain anonymous, if they wish.
  • An annual report detailing the activities of the NFLC
  • Invitations to special donor recognition events
  • Opportunities to meet world-leading Cranfield faculty experts

To take your seat with us, or for more information and other giving opportunities, please contact James Pagliaro.